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The English Version (Version 1.1.0+) of Natari at the Bubble Planet is available on itch.io on 11 November, 2017!
This game also supports Linux OS like Ubuntu, just enjoy it!
Thank you for the following & patience:)

Caliburn Studio


Caliburn Studio is an indie development team from Taiwan.

《Wakusei Keikaku》 (WK) is the biggest RPG game project which we had ever created, we will tell different stories about the characters at some special planets in the Universe.

Natari at the Bubble Planet, Episode I of Wakusei Keikaku, is made with RPG Maker MV, this is a game about "Bubbles" and "Dreams" , you can reach your life goal by solving some puzzles, become who you want to be, like a scientist, chef, nurse, conductor, painter, etc.

The scenes are designed in warm colors, and the gameplay is very easy for most of PC game player. 

Moreover, this game contains many interesting elements, CGs and different endings, you must try it!

*Note: This game is totally Free To Play, please feel free to donate us,  just enjoy it ;)


Caliburn Studio: http://www.caliburn.tw/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caliburngames/

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Nov 11, 2017
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorCaliburn Studio
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsRPG Maker
Average sessionA few seconds
LinksSteam, Homepage, Steam Greenlight, Twitter


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WK01_Linux.zip 203 MB
WK01_Mac.zip 199 MB
WK01_Win.zip 218 MB

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Hi, I would really like to play this, but every time I try to start the game, it immediately crashes. I'm running Catalina on a 2018 Macbook. 


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.


you should try adding yellow cyan and magenta as a primary color option! it's a small thing but it makes more sense than the red orange and blue option


This game is really cool, but also hard. I couldn't get the true ending no matter how many times I tried, which kinda drove me crazy tbh lol Still, it's a nice game


Hiiii! I played the game and it was amazing! I love the art! Even the ones you didn't made x3 Anyways I hope you continue doing something like this! Keep up the nice work Caliburn Studio!


This is your gift! Get it cuz it's GiF? Never mind TvT

I can't answer this question.

Hello, I would like to contact the creators of this game, is there a way?

I have a question :

How can you take character photos to the right?And how could you load the characters of the characters with this size?

I've been wondering what was the original comic this was based on, since many people on the development of the game kept on talking about it.

(1 edit)

I'm getting an error when I try to do the Bubbler exams. I pass, as a Baking bubbler, but after I get my certificate, I get a black screen  that says "ReferenceError OrangeGreenworks is not defined"


Sorry for that bug, we have fixed it in version 1.1.1, thank you for the comments:))


And we will fix other bugs in version 1.1.2 as soon as possible, you can download it at that time:D

Like Baka Arashi, I also encounter the same problem : a blank selection of answers (at Bubble Exams for Film Test and when interacting with Astor), an error page after taking Bubble Exams (at all three different route! I am compatible with Art Bubble, if that helps), and after taking Medication Bubble Test at the exhibition, Natari only appears as "bubble" or a view from up her head :'D

By the way, it has an excellent narration regarding issues of talent vs efforts  and people expectations vs our own dreams :')  And a gallery to revisit the CGs would be very delightful ^^

Thank you for the comments! We have fixed the "error page" problem in version 1.1.1,
and will fix other bugs in version 1.1.2 as soon as possible, you can download it at that time, thank you very much:D

By the way, there will be a gallery in the main scene if you have passed one of those exams!

Aww, so cute

Thank you <3

can you added a way to change control at the option , because my right arrow key isn't working anymore, please

We will think about it, thank you for the comments!

Wow adorable game <3

Thank you:))

Hi! I really enjoy playing your game ( I love the artstyle so much!), but I just get this ReferenceError and I have no idea what to do (is this normal?) Also... I think I just found a mistake? I've taken an Science Bubble exam and there was a question about absolute zero and when I selected -273,15 they told me the answer was wrong (I did it two times). Idk I love this game anyway :D

Thank you for the comments! We have fixed the "error page" problem in version 1.1.1,
and will edit the exam question in version 1.1.2 as soon as possible, you can download it at that time, thank you very much:D


Beautiful game you have here! I noticed several custom sprites, maps,  and art so I think it's amazing how much effort went into the game. I enjoyed the trivia aspect as I did have fun figuring out the answers to the various topics I could choose from. The gameplay with finding the owners of lost items was a tad strange though. I just found it odd as it broke away from the trivia gameplay. The english was a bit odd at some places as well, but I still enjoyed this overall.

Great job!   ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

Looks neet! Your voice so cute tho =w=a

Thank you! ( ゚ω゚      ) 

Thank you for your playing & comments! We will improve English dialogue as soon as possible:D (Maybe Early 2018)

This looks so absolutely adorable! Just downloaded!

Thank you for your comments, we hope you like it :)